Environmental Statement from Kammika

Kammika Import Export Co., Ltd. (KIEC) – A Thailand based Manufacturer

environmentalEnvironmental Statement
-To use sustainable materials and practices minimizing our negative impact on the overall environment
-To find use for as much as possible of a material source to help sustain the overall resource
-To give back to the environment as much as we take when possible

Product Mission
-To create unique works of functional art using sustainable materials and practices:
Monkey Pod (Rain Tree or Acacia) – a non-native species brought to Thailand and grown as an alternate wood source for the carving industry
-Grows more then 1″ in diameter a year in the mountainous regions of Northern Thailand due to the abundant water supply from run off
-We use only natural oils for finishing

Social Mission
-To provide products that are environmentally and socially responsible
-Contribute to the improvement of our employees, our local community, and the communities we work with
-To uphold the highest business ethics by staying true to our mission of producing with sustainable resources

Economic Mission
To sustain profitability and expand opportunities for our employees and community.