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We sell our products through authorized retailers and e-tailers nationwide. Please use our Store Locator feature or contact us for a local retailer or retailer.
Cost varies from frame to frame. Our Signature Collection costs more than our Carriage Collection due to the finished back panel. However, we have a frame for every budget. Please visit Why Strata to find out why our futons are the best quality, style and design at the best prices. We have a wide variety of price options for every budget. Your local retailer will have more information on specific pricing.
We are specialized in making the best futon available, so we only sell the frame. However, we have excellent relationships with cover and mattress companies and would be happy to direct you to another trusted business. All of our photos feature SIS covers.
We have made high-quality products since 2000.
We offer a 5-year warranty, and have very few warranty claims. To read our full warranty, click here. To file a warranty claim, please fill out this form and email to us.
Our Carriage Collection of frames take on average 30 minutes to assemble. Our Signature Collection adds an additional 15 to 30 minutes due to the finished back. However, the extra time is worth the effort. The beautiful finished product speaks for itself. The instructions are easy to follow and very straightforward. And, as always, we always welcome contact for assembly questions.

The Patio Collection assembly is easy and straightforward and varies by size but we advise allocating 15 minutes for the chairs and 20 minutes for the larger sizes.

The Platform beds take around 20 minutes to assemble and we recommend using an electric screwdriver or drill for the slats.

Strata Furniture is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. We have warehouses in Virginia, Minnesota and California.
After visiting several manufacturing countries, Strata founded its construction facility in Malaysia where the frames are built using modern technology and exceptional quality control.
For our Futon Collections we use two different types of wood. The Signature Collection is made from Nyatoh wood, which is a dense fine-grained wood with beautiful finishing capabilities. Our Carriage Collection is made from Malaysian rubberwood, which is very strong and comparable in density to North American ash and maplewood. Our Platform beds are made out of the same rubberwood as our futon frame. Our Eco Friendly Accent Tables are made from Monkey Pod wood. Our Patio Furniture is made from durable and long-lasting injection molded Polypropylene.
No; Strata’s futon frames and platform beds are manufactured with plantation-grown, sustainable forest management. We are certified by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board. See our certificate. Our Eco Friendly Accent Tables are hand-carved from a solid piece of sustainable Monkey Pod wood.
If you have any questions or comments about our policies, please contact us at We will respond promptly.