The Eco-Friendly Wood.

Dillon Full Warm CherryRubberwood is the common Malaysian name for the timber of Hevea brasiliensis. Rubberwood trees produce a special latex-based sap, which is the main ingredient for the world’s rubber products. After several decades of producing latex, the yield decreases, and the lumber is harvested for furniture and other similar products. The harvested trees are replaced by new trees to ensure Sustainable Forest Management.

Rubberwood trees used to be harvested and burned. The Malaysia Timber Council changed this process by utilizing the wood for furniture products and has transformed an unused product into a valuable resource, thereby helping the environment.

Its characteristics make it highly desirable for use in the manufacturing of wood furniture. It is a very strong wood with nice grain character, is easily controlled for kiln drying, is quite stable and has great finishing ability.

We are proud to use a wood that is renewable. Our factory has been certified by the Malaysian Trade Council. See our certificate.

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