The Groovy Round Table

The Groovy Table

The Groovy Table

Our Groovy Round Table Pot Sustainable Mango Wood End Table Stand Stool 15 inch Diameter x 20 inch Height with Eco Friendly Natural Food-safe Livos Mocha Oil Finish presents with well defined and pronounced grooves around the entire circumference of the piece. All of our sustainable Mango wood comes from plantations.

Eco friendly, Livos Mocha Oil, comprised of translucent eco friendly natural, food-safe Livos Black Oil over eco friendly natural, food-safe Livos Chestnut Oil creates a dark Mocha finish where the wood color and grain shows through in brown tones. This is then polished to a matte, water resistant and food-safe finish. These natural oils are translucent, so the wood grain detail is highlighted. Color ranges from mocha to dark brown to black tones. There is no oily feel and cannot bleed into carpets.Craftspeople from the Chiang Mai area in Northern Thailand create these unique pieces with the simplest of tools. After each piece is carved, dried, and sanded, it is hand finished to enhance the natural luster and beauty of the wood.

Each piece is a unique creation, and as such is more than a piece of furniture – it is a Work of Art! Hand crafted from sustainable Mango wood, we make minimal use of electric hand sanders in the finishing process. All products are dried in solar or propane kilns. No chemicals are used in the process, ever. After each piece is carved, dried, sanded, and hand rubbed with Livos all natural oils, they are packaged with cartons from recycled cardboard with no plastic or other fillers.

As this is a natural product, the color and grain of your piece of Nature will be unique, and may include small checks or cracks that occur when the wood is dried. Sizes are approximate. Products could have visible marks from tools used, patches from small repairs, knot holes, natural inclusions or holes. There may be various separations or cracks on your piece when it arrives. There may be some slight variation in size, color, texture, and finish.