How to choose a Futon Frame?

When purchasing a futon frame you have many choices; from cheap metal frame to wood arms with metal frames or an all wood option.  Frames made with medal parts are cheaper and are a great options for dorm rooms and in other situations where a futon is needed for short term use.  Most of these are cheaply made, not very attractive and or over time will end up in your storage area. Basically, we call these throw away furniture. You will find these at low prices at Big Box stores and E-tailers. To save even further, buy these during going back to school sales in August.

If you have decided you are looking for a longer term more attractive futon, then we suggest an all wood futon frame. There are several manufactures that produce all wood, durable and attractive futon frames.  Obviously, at this stage style, design and finish are going to be a major factor in your decision.  Based on years of experience in the futon industry we have found out most first time buyers of futons do not realize most futons require you to pull the futon away from the wall to convert it from a sofa to a bed.  Not a big deal? Actually it is, the wood frame if built correctly is strong, durable and a little heavy, especially with a thick futon mattress on it.  Sliding or moving away from the wall can damage the frame and most people have other furniture in the room they may have to move that so the futon will fit.  Why go through so much work when you or your guests are tired and just want to go to sleep.  Strata Furnitures Wall Hugger futon frames convert right where they are at and do not require any movement from the wall.  You can view the operation of these frames at this link.  Even better, Strata Furnitures’ futon frames are some of most attractive frames on the market and are comparable in price to other non wall hugging futon frames.

Happy shopping.  If you ever have questions about our frames or any futon in general we would be happy to talk with you. Email us at