Wall Hugger Futon?

The name suggests some peace loving friendly futon frame.  A wall hugger futon is also called a zero tolerance futon.  Basically, these terms mean a futon that does not have to be pulled away from the wall when converting from sofa to bed.

Is that really a big deal?  With the innovations in mattresses today the futon mattress has become heavier and heavier and is comparable to your traditional bed mattress.  The mattress alone can weight over 100 pounds.  Combine this weight with the weight of a frame and you are looking at moving over 225 pounds on average.  If you buy a queen sized futon frame you are looking at over 250 pounds.  Do you really want to try and move this amount of weight just to go to bed? Besides, who doesn’t want to own a frame with such a cool description.  Shop Strata Furniture for the latest and greatest in Wall Hugger Futons.